Flash.sh verify


You need to check if the img file was successfully written to TX2i.

Is verification done at the same time when writing with flash.sh?

Or is there a command for verification?

The command used for writing is as follows.

sudo ./flash.sh -r jetson-tx2i mmcblk0p1


Sorry, not quite sure about your question. The APP partition shall be updated right after flash.sh done the flash.


I made a mistake in the command.

It should be as follows.

sudo ./flash.sh -r jetson-tx2i mmcblk0p1

Ahh… so what is the question you want to ask?


I would like to know how to check if all the data was written normally when writing to TX2i.

There is no method. You can try to clone the partition out again and compare if the images are same.

When producing products using TX2i, it takes time to clone in large quantities.

Is it common not to verify write data during production?

We can guarantee that the cloned image is same. If there is any error, you can report to us.

If the write is successful with flash.sh, does that mean that the write data is guaranteed without cloning?

I am not sure what does that mean “without cloning”…

Cloning and flash it back is just copy out a system image and write it back to the board’s APP partition.

With “-r” in your flash.sh, it will not re-create a system image from your rootfs, but it will use the existing system.img under Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader.


The question doesn’t seem to be conveyed correctly.

The trouble is next.

We are developing products equipped with TX2i.

We will make about 100 units of this product in one month.

I write img data to TX2i, but due to the large number of units, it is impossible to create a clone for each unit and check whether the write data was written normally.

I want to know how to check if the write data of TX2i is normal in a short time.

The write, flash or clone is just to copy out a system image and write it back to the board’s APP partition, then your device can have developed SW inside to boot it up to work as what you want.
At production line, you don’t plan to do the OQC?

OQC is carried out on the production line.

I found that I had to check if the write was successful with OQC.

This case ends.

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