Flash skip failed by SDK Manager response file

We use a response file for SDK manager to configure a AGX ORIN device. Before the SDM was upgraded to v2.0.0.11402, the flash = skip defined in the file could skip flashing the device. After the upgrade, it did not work.

Tested using this CLI command for skip, it did not work too:

sdkmanager --cli install --flash skip --responsefile sdkm_responsefile_jetson.ini

Any suggestion?



What do you mean with configure?
Have you tried re-installing SDK Manager or find another host PC for test?

Not the op but by configure he probably means to configure the sdkmanager options before flashing the board, like pre-selecting which version of JetPack to use etc.

I confirm than since SDKM v2.0 it’s no longer possible to run the install action through cli without flashing the board at the end.
With previous versions it was possible to skip it by passing --flash skip on the command line.

The new help section from sdkm v2.0 mentions:

nvidia@jetson_flasher:~$ sdkmanager --help
  --flash Whether to flash the target. If the option is not set, SDK Manager will skipping the flashing.

So skipping the --flash argument on the cli should skip the flash step…which is not working.

Running the cli without any other arguments (sdkmanager --cli) and going through the menus, making sure to deselect flashing, results in the same behavior: at the end of the step the sdkm tries to flash the board.

The ability to run the install step without flashing is mandatory when flashing vendor boards that requires patching the Linux_for_Tegra rootfs.

This is working when using the GUI, but obviously breaks autonomous workflow.

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