Flash tegra tx2 device failed


I am trying to flash tegra tx2 witb jetpack 3.1 using the command line flash from ubuntu 16.04 (not vm) and i get failure return value 3

When i flash the same jetson from another pc the flash succeed

I will glad to know any idea what can cause such failue


Hi alaleili, was the other PC using a USB2 or USB3 port? Does another port from that PC work? Was there a USB hub in the topology? Were you using the micro-USB cable that came with the devkit?

I tried several ports that failed
I used the micro usb that came with the dev kit
I am not using any usb hub

Hi alalieli,

Not sure what happened on that PC, but that’s not TX2 devkit issue since you can flash same jetson from another PC and successfully.

Without the flash log (to see what flash did) and serial console boot attempt log (to see the point of failure during boot) after flash there isn’t any way to even guess.