Flash the AGX Xavier board using a docker running ubuntu 18.04?


We have our custom eMMC BSP for custom carrier board for AGX Xavier with l4T 32.4.3 BSP.
I have questions from our customer:

  1. Is it possible to flash this BSP to the module using a docker running ubuntu 18.04? If yes, please point me to the instruction.

2)If 1 is not possible for our BSP, then is it possible to flash any latest stock BSP from Nvidia to our custom board module?

Is that “ubuntu18.04” another x86 host? Or you are talking about something else?

yes, it is a host machine.

Why not directly use the sdkmanager without docker?

They want to flash custom BSP may be want to flash remotely, will check with them. can we flash custom BSP also from SDK manager?

This issue has nothing to do with docker at all. Did you never use flash.sh on your host before?

Yes, we use flash.sh to flash the module from a host machine

Then use flash.sh to flash custom BSP… sorry that I don’t get what you want to ask here.

instead of flashing from the host machine directly, they want to flash from an ubuntu 18.04 running in a docker. I have asked them to provide the use case and other details