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We have a custom carrier board for the NX module and we would like to be able to update the image (bootloader, kernel and rootfs etc.) in the field by inserting a USB thumb drive with the necessary tools (nvidia flash tools) and image to do the upgrade. For example, we were considering running the ./flash or the ./nvmflash from an mfi tar ball from the USB stick to perform the upgrade.

From what I can tell, all of the nvidia tools (flash, nvmflash) require the NX module to be in recovery mode to work. Recovery mode appears to put the NX module in a state where the USB ports are no longer visible.

My questions is: Could you recommend a tool and procedure to perform the upgrade I described in the first paragraph.


hello malcolm.mcdowell,

if you enable A/B redundancy, you may update these partition while system is up, and you could use nvbootctrl to switch boot slots.

Could you please provide more details on that? Is there a link that could be referred?
Thanks a lot.

hello user14832,

please refer to developer guide, Bootloader Update and Redundancy.

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