Flash USB not working on TX2 - usb device name is not NVIDA

Having trouble flashing my new Jetson TX2 Development Kit which I purchased from amazon.com. The SDK Manager reports it can’t connect. When I view the devices using “lsusb” the TX2 usb shows up as device ID 0ea0:2209 and is named Ours Technology, Inc. This is true whether the board is in forced recovery mode or not. The host is a Lenovo ThinkCenter (mid 2010). I also saw the same results using a Mac Pro Laptop (mid 2009). In both cases I the host is running ubuntu 16.04.

The development kit came with a short micro usb to usb A female connector. I used a male A USB to male A USB cable to completed the connection to my host computer.

The number on the TX2 PCA is 945-82771-0000-00

Not sure how to proceed.

I answered here:

Note that the TX2 is not capable of showing up on the host’s lsusb unless it is in recovery mode. If you are disconnecting and reconnecting in such a way that it causes other USB devices to re-enumerate, then you might be seeing an event related to connecting the Jetson, but it wouldn’t be the Jetson itself.

Just to close this out. I finally did get my TX2 flashed. It was an effort of my own making as I always suspected and the feedback from linuxdev was very helpful and kept me from chasing down windmills - thank you.

So the actual problem was the microUsb to USB cable provided in my developer kit got mixed up with other cables in my office as I excitedly unpacked my kit. That left me with the white microUSB to female USB provided and I just thought ok add a male A USB to male A USB cable and its ready to go. Of course this didn’t work and pretty much at the point of despair. However, after looking at pictures of the development kit I bought from Amazon it struck me there was a black cable in the picture which was a microUSB to USB with distinctive green icons on it. I looked and found the cable in my pile and hooked it up and could finally see the NVIDA device 0955 on my host. From there is was easy using the SDK Manager.

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