Flash with image built from shield TV open source codes, but stuck in android loading

I checked out nvidia shield TV 2017’s open source code (https://developer.nvidia.com/shield-open-source) and followed the instruction at this page (http://nv-tegra.nvidia.com/gitweb/?p=manifest/android/binary.git;a=blob_plain;f=README_NEW_SHIELD;hb=rel-29-partner) to build images and flash them to my nvidia shield TV 2017. But now I stuck at the loading page flashing “android” logo.

I ran adb devices, but no device is listed. But I can still back to fastboot mode, and if flash the the recovery image downloaded from here: https://developer.nvidia.com/shield-developer-os-images, everything is fine.

How could I build correct images from open source codes and flash it to my shield TV?