Flash with Intel IOMMU enabled causes driver to become unstable

The attached bug report is from the 337.19 driver in a clean state. The kernel messages when the driver enters a corrupt state can be seen here: http://fpaste.org/99392/39934666/

  1. Start a flash animation in Firefox.
  2. Exit the flash animation.
  3. Firefox will freeze - kernel BUG asserts at this point.
  4. Firefox is not able to be closed (zombie state) and the laptop must be hard rebooted (freezes upon soft reboot).

The 331.49 is the last driver that is stable on my laptop that exhibits this problem. My other computers (one with IOMMU, one without) do not have this issue with newer drivers.

Bug report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2erLKlKoYTnUUcxQXU4aTBXNnM/edit?usp=sharing

The 331.79 also works without error.

I tried 337.19 today with kernel 3.14.4, but it still freezes Firefox and causes the system to become unstable.

The “nvidia-bug-report.sh” script freezes during execution at “nvidia-settings -c :0 -q all” after closing a flash app, but I will post the updated kernel messages: http://fpaste.org/103622/33519140/

This is known issue. See the following thread: