Flash Xavier over Ethernet

Hello, Is there a way to flash the Xavier over Ethernet?

I can set the Xavier to forced recovery in software using:
$ sudo reboot –-force forced-recovery

But is there a way to detect it over the ethernet to flash from a remote host machine? I do not have access to the USB.

USB is mandatory for anything using recovery mode. The flash software itself mandates recovery mode.

If the system is still running, then there are apt package update mechanisms which don’t require recovery mode.

“flashing” just means “writing to dedicated partitions on the NVME drive.”

You can write a program that first downloads the appropriate files to the local main file system (to make sure you have the full data package,) and then uses “dd” (with root permissions) or C-style open()/write() to update each of the partitions. This is similar to what an OTA update might want to do, too.

Note that if you lose power in the middle, you’re very likely to render the device un-bootable, without then recovering from boot driver / USB mode, though.

hello keithdm,

you must need usb connections for image flashing.
you may have Over-The-Air Updates to upgrade without usb connections.