Flash xavier problem

Recently, our guests asked a question : after flashing jetpack4.4 filesystem,they cannot find the nvme ssd, then they used the reboot command and still couldn’t solve the problem.
Now, I use the flashtool which I download from nvidia offical website,and get the system.img(about 4.6G) and system.img.raw(29G),then I flash the system.img(4.6G) to my develop kit and the nvme ssd can be used, but when I use the system.img.raw(29G) as the system.img, the nvme ssd cannot be found, it only can be found after cold reboot.
I dont know the reason about it ,So, I want to know if it must do a coldreboot after flash ,and is any other problems or risks may be caused by flashing without coldreboot?
Steps I flash the develop kit : unplug the power cord,hold the recovery button,plug in the power plug, press the power button, release the recovery button,and then use flash.sh to flash the board.


  1. What is the exact problem of this issue? A pcie issue or a flash problem?

  2. Why do you have to use system.img.raw to flash? Why not just use the one flash tool is using?

  3. Provide a log will help clarify your problem.

1.Acturally, it is a pcie issue, but i am not sure whether the flash can cause any other problems, i am sorry to make you confused.
2.I just want to test the same filesystem with different size, acturally the filesystem we use in projects are always about 29G, I didn’t realize the flash may effect the SSD before this issue, I don’t know whether there is something wrong with our own filesystem,so I tried the filesystem cloned from sdkmanager
3.These are 2 kern.log about after flash and after coldreboot,pay attention to pcie@14180000
after_coldreboot_kern.log (116.7 KB) after_flash_kern.log (118.3 KB)


So this issue is “After you flash system.img.raw, you have to manually reboot the device once to get pcie@14180000 work?” and this does not happen if you use parsed system.img?

For the filesystem I cloned from sdkmanager,yes.
For the filesystem we used ,no,the parsed system.img which about 29G still have this problem.


Ok, for your first case (cloned from sdkm)
You cannot use system.img.raw directly. Have to use the parsed one.

And for your second case, what is added to your file system? You have your own system.img so it means there are some customization, right?

Ok, I know I should use the paresd one, but I have used raw img many times, so can you tell me what is the risk about using the system.img.raw?
And, my filesystem install many packages and modify some config files, I dont know that well because It’s not me make the filesystem, do you mean something in filesystem will effect the pcie devices? I think Pcie driver works before than filesystem, it may doesn’t matter? may be the time spent by flash effects the device or xavier?I dont know.
Waiting for your reply, thanks.

If even you do not know what is installed, then I cannot tell what is wrong either.
There maybe something that would affect gpio or something else in driver.

You should find out which file in the file system is the cause of this issue first.

I guess something gets broken when you are doing the cloning.

When doing full flash, using the sparse system.img. And when cloning with single partition (-k APP), copy the raw file to the system.img.

Let see if you would still hit issue with this setup on jetpack system.img.