Flashing a newly built Nvidia Jetson nano kernel

I tried to build a new kernel and flash it into the Jetson nano through the following link:

the process ends with the following command while nano is in recovery mode:
sudo ./flash.sh jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1
The Jetson developer kit automatically reboots at the end of the installation process. Then, it lets me set the time zone and username, and password. At the next boot and where it checks services, I can see two failures:
1- failed to start load kernel module
2- failed to start nvpmodel service
And the cursor keeps blinking at the bottom of the page.
Any idea on how to proceed?

Thank you

hello a.shahnejat,

may I know which JetPack / L4T release you’re working on?

the instruction you point-out from RidgeRun’s wiki page is based-on JetPack-4.3/l4t-r32.3.1
according to JetPack SDK, JetPack-4.5 is the latest production release, supporting all Jetson modules.

please check developer guide for Kernel Customization,
you may Flashing a Specific Partition if you’re only have kernel image update.

I am using JetPack 4.5 including L4T 32.5.

You were right. The problem fixed by replacing the proper L4T Driver Package Sources (public_sources) for JetPack 4.5.
Thank you