Flashing and Installing on Jetson


I would like to flash and install it on my Jetson Orin NX using a carrier board. (no development kit)

So I came across an eeprom issue and solved it by changing 0x100 to 0x0.

But when using SDKManager, sdkm re-download about nvidia_sdk/L4T…
So it returns to the original 0x100.

Thanks, regards.

Then just don’t use SDKM for flashing. The command way should also do it.
I don’t really know what’s the point here.

Sorry, I mean I modify the this file


like this.

but when I try to flash other boards, It is overwritten with 0x100 using sdkmanager.

I know, so I mean please don’t use SDK Manager for flashing to avoid overwritten.
Anything you don’t understand?

Okay, thanks.

Then I searched about mass flash, I read the initrd_flash.txt.

When I follow that [workflow3] I met this error.

How can I solve?

Dump the full log as text here.
Don’t give screenshots.

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