Flashing DTB natively on Xavier

Hi All,

We are developing a project in the Jetson Xavier in which is very important to flash de DTB natively (not using flash.sh script).

Basically we have found that the DTB can be flashed natively using dd command and the partition /dev/mmcblk0p32 that corresponds to the encrypted partition assigned to the DTB.

We found that there are two encrypted DTBs that are generated by the flash.sh script (blob__sigheader.dtb.encrypt and _sigheader.dtb.encrypt ) . The one that has the blob_* prefix seems to be the correct. we have verified that if we flash this DTB using dd and the correct partition, the Xavier boots correctly.

The thing is that this file is temporary while the flash script is doing the magic when falshing.

Is there any way that we can generate this blob__sigheader.dtb.encrypt file? without using flash.sh script.

Thanks in advance.


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No, currently you need to rely on flash.sh to create those files. Actually, flash.sh is using tegraflash.py to generate those files. This is the official way.

Maybe other forum users have some trick for it.