Flashing dtb or rootfs alone in TX2 NX

Hi Team,

I want to flash TX2 NX SOM with Xavier NX devkit.

  1. What are the commands to flash dtb and rootfs alone in TX2 NX SOM with L4T 32.5.1?
  2. Are the flashing instructions got changed in the latest L4T?

When I used the following command to flash dtb alone, It is flashing system.img also. Is there any commands to flash only dtb file
$ sudo ./flash.sh -r -d ./kernel/dtb/tegra186-p3636-0001-p3509-0000-a01.dtb jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-tx2-nx mmcblk0p1


hello ajith.kumaresh,

please check developer guide, Flashing a Specific Partition.
you can flash a specific partition instead of flashing the whole device by using the command line switch ‑k.