Flashing error and failed


We use SOM - Jetson Xavier AGX - with our carrier board.
And I can flash bsp image on emmc very well.
But I cannot flash the same bsp on nvme storage.
I’d like to know the reason why if possible.
Could someone guide us to troubleshoot this issue?

F.Y.I. The only change we made in our bsp is usb related device tree.
It is explained here

flashing_error.zip (536.0 KB)

The official tool to flash external drive “nvme/usb” is not flash.sh but initrd flash tool.

This tool requires usb device mode to work. If your board design does not have usb0 as device mode port, then it won’t work.

Hello Wayne,

O.K. I see flash.sh is not the official tool to flash externel nvme.
But the tool I used in this topic is “SDK Manager” - the gui tool.
Isn’t SDK Manager the official tool to flash nvme device?

Sorry that I feel you don’t understand things here

Sdkmanager is just a GUI interface, how it flashes device is still by scripts in Linux_for_Tegra folder and by default this tool only supports for devkit.

The beginning of what we are discussing is wrong. It is not “Isn’t SDK Manager the official tool to flash nvme device?” It is “sdkmanager does not support custom board”.

If you are using devkit with sdkmanager and got failure in flashing nvme, then it is an issue we could check. But you are not.

Also, you already mentioned you disabled the USB device mode … thus initrd flash tool would not work. This is equal to sdkmanager won’t be able to flash nvme drive…

I understood. Thank you always…

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