Flashing error when using Massflash with secureboot and encrypted rootfs on TX2i

Followed the instructions in Readme_Massflash.txt. It created a blob.
However when trying to flash the target, it is giving the following error.
*** Boot Rom Communication
***Boot Rom communication succeeded.

*** Checking applet
/nvmassflashExperiment/mfi_cti-tx2i-asg006-00/tegrarcm_v2 --instance 1-4 --isapplet
USB communication failed. check if device is in recovery
*** Error: Checking applet failed.

Could you please help with resolving this error message.
Note: I am using secureboot and encrypted rootfs

hello Rafeek.Sainudeen,

here’s show the failure of board detection. did you check you’ve enter forced-recovery mode correctly?
please see-also developer guide, To determine whether the developer kit is in Force Recovery mode.

@JerryChang ,
Thanks for the reply.
The target is indeed in recovery mode.
Also I would think that if it was not in recovery mode, the ***Boot Rom communication succeeded. message would not have come.

Could you please let me know how to put Jetson Tx2 into mass storage mode using tegrarcm_v2 so that it is mounted as a storage device.

hello Rafeek.Sainudeen,

may I know what’s the fuse type you’ve enabled for secureboot? for instance, PKC, PKC+SBK…etc?
we also need more details for root cause the failure, please setup a serial console to gather UART logs for reference.

Hi @JerryChang ,
The fuse type is SBK + PKC.
I already have a Host machine set up and a Target Tx2i successfully flashed with the SBK + PKC and an encrypted rootfs.
Now I want to create a full raw sparse image of mmcblk0 (entire emmc not any of the partitions separately).
Hence I expect to mount the emmc on the host pc as a mass storage device. Can you please help with this?

hello Rafeek.Sainudeen,

as mentioned in the developer guide, Disk Encryption, in the [To Enhance initrd to Unlock an Encrypted Rootfs] section.

Unlock the encrypted root device with the per-device unique passphrase.

due to you’ll need per-device unique passphrase, you cannot have single image to multiple devices.

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