Flashing ext4 file system image to RECROOTFS and UDA partitions

I am designing a backup system for my project using the TX2 NX and would like to be able to flash an alternative rootfs to the RECROOTFS partition as well as a filesystem for storing user data to UDA. Preferably at the same time as flashing the rest of my device from a host over USB. Currently flash.sh does not seem to support flashing the RECROOTFS or UDA giving the message:

*** Update [RECROOTFS] is not supported. ***

when I attempt this. I am able to dd a system image into the partition from the device but I would prefer that the entire flashing of the device be done in one step for large scale production. Is this possible with the tools provided by nvidia?

You can try to add it to the list of flash.sh. Currently there is no support for it.

A quick look over flash.sh and it looks like all that is needed to add support for flashing a partition is directing it to a file to use and place that file in the L4T/bootloader directory. Should I make sure to update anything else?

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