Flashing from ubuntu 16.10

I recently flashed the TK1 from Ubuntu 16.10 and it seems it somehow corrupts the mmc ext4 fs. I did a mount on system.img.raw and is OK but when doing a ext4ls on uboot shell directories are all wrong. This does not happen with Ubuntu 14.04. I would like to be able to flash the tk1 from my desktop without using a VM. Any advice??

I don’t know if Ubuntu 16.10 is supported, but I always question data transfer issues of a VM (I tend to wonder if USB needs tweaking…corruption from a VM over USB is not rare). I do recall hearing some time back (I’m sure where from) that there may be some differences on some newer Linux hosts in handling of default parameters in either partitioning or file system creation which would not be usable on 32-bit systems. So the other thing I’m wondering is if something with formatting or partitioning was simply an incompatible option. Sorry…I don’t know how to test that, but I’m hoping someone sees this and knows about file system default parameter changes which might have an effect on 32-bit machines reading partitions created on the newest/latest/greatest 64-bit Ubuntu.

Incidentally, it isn’t just Linux that needs to understand the partitions and file systems…u-boot itself could be incompatible with some formatting option and the Linux side of Jetson might be perfectly fine with it.

Could you post your host’s “/etc/mke2fs.conf” contents?