Flashing instruction for TX2 NX

Hi team,

I want to flash TX2 NX SOM with Xavier NX Devkit from the command line.
How to find the arguments for the flash.sh script?
Is there any other document is available to explain dts files, configuration files, and flashing instructions for TX2 NX SOM?


You can check the quick start guide from our download center website.

Hi @WayneWWW

Which Quickstart Guide? I didn’t find the TX2 NX Quickstart Guide. Do you mean L4T Quickstart Guide?


Yes, you can use TX2 guide first. Just replace the board config there.

When you run “sudo ./flash.sh BoardID mmcblk0p1” command to flash your board. It is actually searching the config file BoardID.conf under Linux_for_Tegra.
For example,

sudo ./flash.sh jetson-tx2i mmcblk0p1

This one would try to check the file as jetson-tx2i.conf.

Thus, pick up the tx2 nx board name there.

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