Flashing J1020v2 with SDK Manager

I’m trying to flash my Seeed J1020v2 using SDK Manager. Two issues:

  1. Which version of the Nano board should I choose? The module says ‘P3448’ on it, and the carrier board says ‘ReComputer J202 v1 Seeed Studio’. (Of course the J1020v2 has 4GB RAM).

    Screenshot from 2024-04-12 10-06-18


  1. When I choose a version of the Nano board, there is no ‘SDK Version’ available? I believe that 4.6.x is the highest version I can use for the J1020 v2.

Many thanks!

Your host PC ubuntu version does not match the one that can flash jetson nano.

Need to use ubuntu 18.04.

Ah thanks. Shame it’s not backwards compatible - I assumed it just needed Linux to run the SDK Manager…

What about the Nano version?

Not sure about the question. What Nano version here? Jetpack version? Ubuntu version?

The device version as per my query 1)?

The precise answer is “I don’t know”.

All the software provided by SDKM can only flash NV developer kit. We totally don’t guarantee it can flash any custom board. (Custom board means anything that is not NV developer kit).

I can only explain about the difference.

First one is Jetson nano 2GB which is 2GB DRAM module.

Second one p3448-0000 is the one with sdcard on its module. (Please be aware the difference between module and carrier board…)

Third one p3448-0002 is the one with internal emmc on its module. The module won’t have sdcard slot.

To flash custom board, better checking with the vendor about their customized software.

Thanks for the clarification, those descriptions have enabled me to establish which it is.

It has 4GB RAM, so isn’t the first. It doesn’t have an sdcard, so it isn’t the second.

I believe it has 16GB eMMC, so it is the third one - a p3448-0002.

Many thanks for your help!


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