Flashing Jetson nano emmc fails

That seems odd. Is there anything custom about this? Also, was the dmesg from not plugging in the USB cable right from the start, and then plugging it in? Would you attach the entire “dmesg” after a connect of the cable? Example (on the host PC):
dmesg | tee log_dmesg.txt
(then attach log_dmesg.txt)

I checked, there is nothing custom about the USB FTDI module.
Yes that was the entire dmesg response.

Now I disconnected the FTDI USB module and then again connected, sending you the log file for dmesg with complete response .
host_dmesg_log.txt (98.5 KB)

Looking at the log it doesn’t actually look wrong. I am very surprised though that there was no boot output on the serial UART. I’m wondering if something is turning off those messages, rather than being hardware failure, but I’m not sure how to test without something like an oscilloscope or analyzer on the hardware itself.

One possible test is this: Serial console may not be putting anything out during boot, but your flash at least started, and I’m thinking perhaps serial console would output something if monitored during the actual flash. Can you check for serial output as you flash it, regardless of whether the flash works or not?

Yes I tried that too , during flashing process I did not see anything on UART, but I will confirm it again, as there could be some non ascii output on uart.

If there is no serial console output even during flash, then unless something unusual is going on, I would have to conclude it is hardware failure. Possibly just in the carrier board, but also possibly in the module.

I checked again , whether its normal boot or force recovery mode I see only single byte 0x00 on serial console.

If you see a single NULL byte, then it somewhat validates the idea that the serial console wiring is at least intact. I don’t see any way the module itself is functioning if this is all it sent upon power on. In this case the module itself might be failed (which is rare…I’ve seen several carrier boards fail, but short of lightning strikes a module failure seems rare). This is probably one you could RMA if it is still in warranty.

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