Flashing Jetson Nano eMMC from network

Hi there guys, I’m on my first steps using Jetson Nano, I know it could be possible to flash it using network. but i’m kind of lost here.

according to documentation the boot sequence on the jetson nano is :

• Internal eMMC

• USB device or NVMe device (Jetson TX2 series only)

• NFS network via DHCP/PXE

could be possible to change this order? I’d like to use NFS or TFTP to flash eMMc, what would be the steps in order to achieve this ?


You can change the boot order simply via a change to the boot environment variables. However, this won’t do you any good. The reason I say this is that an actual flash requires the Jetson to be in recovery mode. Recovery mode is not just mass storage, it is a kind of mini operating system, and is accessible via the micro-B USB cable only.

People do use over the air updates for packages once the system is up and running with a somewhat recent release. However, that requires the system to be up and running normally, and it requires that all updates be available via the standard “apt” update mechanism.