Flashing Jetson Nano from an MPU

Hi all,

I’m working on a project to interface a MPU with a Jetson Nano and give it the ability to remotely download updated images and flash the Nano on command.

I have gotten to the point where the MPU can access the image files as prepared by the SDK manager (MPU accesses the /home/nvidia folder shared as nfs), but as the SDK manager operates on an Ubuntu machine, I’ve hit a snag when running ./flash.sh on the MPU.

My question would then be if it was possible, theoretically or practically to compile the image from source in such a way that the MPU would be able to flash the Nano. I’m relatively new to Linux development, so aplogies in advance for any bad terminology or inconsistencies from my end.


Is your MPU x86_64/amd64? If so, then it could work. If not, then there is no possibility of it working (the source code for the flash software is binary-only). You can check architecture with “uname -i” on your MPU.

Thanks for the insights linuxdev! This particular one is not, so we’ll source out one with the correct architecture.