Flashing Jetson TX2 using sdk-manager

Sending feedback message…
- CUDA on Host: Installed
- CUDA Cross Compile Package on Host: Installed
- VisionWorks on Host: Installed
- VPI on Host: Installed
- Nsight Graphics: Installed
- Nsight Systems: Installed
- Drivers for Jetson: Installed
- File System and OS: Installed
- Flash Jetson TX2: Skipped
- DateTime Target Setup: Installed
- CUDA Toolkit for L4T: Failed
- cuDNN on Target: Failed
- TensorRT on Target: DependencyFailure
- OpenCV on Target: Failed
- VisionWorks on Target: DependencyFailure
- VPI on Target: DependencyFailure
- NVIDIA Container Runtime with Docker integration (Beta): DependencyFailure
- Multimedia API: DependencyFailure
- Nsight Systems CLI: Failed

===== Installation failed - Total 19 components =====
===== 9 succeeded, 4 failed, 0 up-to-date, 6 skipped =====

This is the feedback message. I am running sdk-manager using docker image

These are the following commands:
docker load -i ./sdkmanager-[version].[build#]-[base_OS]_docker.tar.gz
docker tag sdkmanager:[version].[build#] sdkmanager:latest
docker run -it --privileged -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb/ -v /dev:/dev -v /media/$USER:/media/nvidia:slave --name JetPack_TX2_Devkit --network host sdkmanager --cli --action install --login-type devzone --product Jetson --target-os Linux --version 4.6.4 --host --target JETSON_TX2_TARGETS --flash --license accept --stay-logged-in true --collect-usage-data enable --exit-on-finish

please help

│error: Download ‘NVIDIA Container Runtime with Docker integration (Beta)’ failure
│error: Download ‘NVIDIA Container Runtime with Docker integration (Beta)’ failure
│error: download failed

│error: Download ‘TensorRT on Target’ failure
│error: Download ‘TensorRT on Target’ failure
│error: download failed

These two have been giving problems

L4T/JetPack version?

Hello dave!
The version is Jetpack 4.6.4. I have mentioned the same version in the CLI.

Try this directly on the device:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack

Thank you Dave! This worked.
Got this message in the CLI
Setting up nvidia-visionworks (4.6.4-b39) …
Setting up nvidia-vpi (4.6.4-b39) …
Setting up nvidia-nsight-sys (4.6.4-b39) …
Setting up nvidia-container (4.6.4-b39) …
Setting up nvidia-opencv (4.6.4-b39) …
Setting up nvidia-tensorrt (4.6.4-b39) …
Setting up nvidia-cudnn8 (4.6.4-b39) …
Setting up nvidia-cuda (4.6.4-b39) …
Setting up nvidia-jetpack (4.6.4-b39) …

Just curious,Can you please tell me what was the problem exactly?

I cannot make sure.
Maybe something on the host is not configured correctly.

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