Flashing MIC-730AI

I want to flash MIC-730AI for object detection.But it showing error like ‘YOUR TARGET IS IN BAD STATE’,I already put it in force recovery mode ,then also same error.So,is there any way to flash this device? And also i am using ubuntu20.04 and the target machine has aarch architecture.

So because of this different architecture it showing error?

please contact with board vendor. Sdkmanager by default only support NV devkit.

Inside this machine, jetson xavier AGX board is there and where jetpack 5.1.2 version is already installed and in it CUDA is also there.
So is there any way to install Cudnn,Tenserflow directly in the machine without using SDK manager?

You can run this on your Jetson.

sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack

Yaa what the think is like my gateway machine support Arch architecture. Which is not supported by sdk manager.