Flashing multiple boards from one Jetpack install

I installed JetPackTK1-1.2-cuda6.5-linux-x64.run and flashed a board. That all worked fine. But I want to flash 5 more boards. I looked online and couldn’t find out how to do it except to uninstall the jetpack and then run it again. Since I have a number of these to do – would you please let me know if I could just pick it up after it was installed on my host and want to flash the board?

You can clone a Jetson board by creating a raw image of the entire eMMC and then restore it to several other boards. See: http://elinux.org/Jetson/Cloning

There is no need to uninstall JetPack to run it again.
You can run the JetPack TK1-1.2-cuda6.5-linux-x64.run program as you did previously.
When you get to the ‘Installation Options’ screen, you can select ‘Custom’ which will show you the options to be installed. You can change the options to fit your situation. For example, because you have done a previous installation you may not want to install CUDA 6.5 for Ubuntu again.
Once you have selected your options, the installation will proceed as normal. The one exception is that JetPack will only update the downloaded Jetson components as needed. Your download time should be much less than the first time through, since it is unlikely any of the components have changed since the first install.

As Mike_0b said, an alternative is to create a master Jetson dev kit configured as needed, and then clone the image to other Jetsons. This saves a lot of setup work if you have to load a lot of libraries, compile applications and so forth in the case where all of the Jetsons are running the same configuration.

Thank you both for this information!

Are you including the jetson into a product design? I would like to. This set of boards is for a prototype build. I am looking for contacts at NVidia to work with. So of you have additional information on that, please let me know.

This link is typically used for getting a contact started: