Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices

NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package(Development Guide 28.3 Release )
Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices chapter

Flashing the Devices
Applies to: Jetson TX2 devices only.
To flash the devices
1.Connect one TX2 device and boot it into recovery mode.
2.Run this command to create mass flash image:
$ sudo ./nvmassflashgen.sh jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1
3.Untar mfi.tbz2:
$ tar xpvf mfi.tbz2
$ cd bootloader
4.Connect the other TX2 device(s) and boot them into recovery mode.
5.Flash the TX2 devices:
$ sudo ./nvmflash.sh --showlogs

How can I get the nvmassflashgen.sh and mfi.tbz2 files? and does this method work for other L4T versions? For example: 28.1, 28.2.1, 32.1.

hello qinyyuu,

multiple flash script file was included in r28.3 release package only.
however, that script files did not support with other l4t versions.

please expect next public release package (i.e. l4t-r32.3) will able to support multiple flash.
please check Topic 1063371 as see-also. thanks

I unzip tx2-Tegra186_Linux_R28.3.0_aarch64.tbz2 file,but not found the multiple flash script file.

hello qinyyuu,

you may refer to Topic 1038136 for script files.