Flashing nvme problems

I’m new to nvidia jetson so I’m having a few problems with the first installation. the model of the dev kit I’m using is seeed studio j202. I want to install jetpack 5.1.2 but since the integrated emmc has 14.7 gb of space, cuda installations are interrupted (I get an insufficient memory warning at 70% installation). Unfortunately the ssd also behaves like the emmc and allocates 14.7 gb, 235 gb of the 250 gb ssd is seen as unknown in gparted.

How can I expand the 14.7 gb to unknown space when completing the installation or what other method can I follow to install on nvme ssd?

Please refer to Space Error When Flashing and Installing SDK on nvme SSD in NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Xavier NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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Thank you for answering. Can you recommend a reliable tutorial for initrd flash that I can follow?

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