Flashing pegasus stucks on 99.9%

Really thanks for your help
I would like to summarize the problem I encountered these days from one greener perspective , may the resolution will be useful for your side to provide some hints to the greener users like me .

  1. Setup the minicom
    you could download and install minicom directly use terminal
    sudo apt-get install minicom
    BUT here exists one important operation before use minicom to connect pegasus, you need to configure minicom let minicom could type in command line
    sudo minicom -s
    you need to configure the Hardware Flow Control and convert the value from Yes to No

  2. Power off your host and power one your host
    this step make sure your host is clean

  3. Power on your target pegasus
    connect your host and target per sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB3, and you could see some alert

  4. Power off the target , and power on the target

  5. type into the command lines

  6. make sure you could see NVIDIA corp from lsusb

  7. Do not restart the target pegasus

  8. Restart the host make sure there does not exists any aurix connect

  9. start the sdk manager to flash the target pegasus

Dear @yang.liu1,
Thank you for sharing your experince.

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