Flashing Process failed on new Batch of Xavier NX CPUs (Works on Old Batch)


We have run into a technical issue with the sourced Xavier NX 16 GByte CPUs ( 900-83668-0030-000) from ARROW. We have tried to FLASH them through various sources of documentation with no success on installation on the following platforms:

  1. Development type Carrier Board that Mimics the Development Board
  2. Nvidia’s own SDK Manager from their website.

We have an order of the same version of the Xavier NX CPU from Seeed Technology, Part # 102110409 (NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Module - Seeed Studio (https://www.seeedstudio.com/NVIDIA-Jetson-Xavier-NX-Module-p-4421.html?queryID=6c603638c59e13f6dca63517c441a951&objectID=4421&indexName=bazaar_retailer_products). The old batch of Xavier CPUs from Seeed and programs through Nvidia and our own tools successfully.

Our engineering team have done a visual inspection of both chips, and each is printed as HARDWARE VERSION A03, but they do contain different chips in their construction. Also with these points below:

  1. The batch from ARROW, that does not work, starts in a FLASH state when powered on, but are not detectable over USB and never accepts programming.
  2. The batch from Seeed doesn’t start in a FLASH state, but when the appropriate pins are shorted, it behaves normally and accepts programming.
  3. Both are Model: P3668, hardware version 180-13668-DAAA-A03

Any help on this would be appreciated.


Seeed CPUs

  1. Software patch is required for older jetpack release to support 16GB NX module.

  2. Latest jetpack release does not need a patch, and can be flashed directly.

  3. We don’t handle custom board issue. And we cannot help because we don’t have the detail of their carrier board. Please contact the board vendor for this issue.

  1. Software patch is required for older jetpack release to support 16GB NX module. (We are using Jetpack 4.6.1, would this be applicable for correct programming)

Are you saying you are thinking it is the difference in RAM that maybe causing this issues?


Jetpack4.6.1 → rel-32.7.1 shall already support this version. If it still has problem, then please contact your board vendor for it.

I can only help for your issue when it is on devkit.

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