Flashing Production Image to Jetson TX2 Module (Not Dev Kit)


I’m thinking how to flash production image to Jetson TX2 module (not Developer Kit). If Jetson TX2 modules are shipped with blank eMMC, I assume that the modules will enter USB-recovery mode at the first power-up without force-recovery switch, then I don’t need to have the force recovery switch on my carrier board. Can I expect Jetson TX2 modules always enter USB-recovery mode at the NVIDIA factory setting?


Hi Tfuru,

The TX2 module was shipped with factory image flashed, it’s not a blank eMMC since many testings on production line still relied on SW functions.
To flash the TX2 module, you will still need to have the force recovery switch on carrier board or with command line.

To flash multiple devices at same time, you can refer to Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices section from driver package.



Thank you!

Hi Tfuru,

By further confirmation internally, the Jetson module ships with no software pre-installed.
We also updated the statement at FAQ page, here is the link for your reference:

What is the difference between Jetson Developer Kits and Jetson modules?

Jetson Developer Kits include a Jetson module attached to a reference carrier board, along with power supply and cables, and pre-installed software to help you get started. The Jetson module ships with no software pre-installed; you attach it to the carrier board in your end product, and flash it with the software image you’ve developed.

Sorry for the wrong information previously.



Thank you for the update!
I think the FAQ page is very useful.

Where can i download the document about Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices ? Thx


Please download “L4T Documentation” from Jetson Download Center and untar it.
Open Start_L4T_Docs.html and you can find “Flashing and Booting the Target Device” in the left pane.