Flashing secure device with nvflash


We are using Linux nvflash (version 4.13.0000) and fastboot delivered with R21.4 to flash Jetson TK1 based devices. Our next target is to activate device security features by burning PKC into the device.

According to command line help from nvflash, there is support for flashing secured devices with --blob option. However there is no documentation available how this file is generated and what it contains.

Documentation of tegrarcm utility shows that it can be used to generate signed message file for secure RCM communication, but it seems to generate three files with following suffixes: .qry, .ml and .bl. Are any of these files compatible with nvflash?

Can we use nvflash to flash secure devices, or do we have to use some other method?

Hi pltsi,

There will be the doc which included these information for your design reference, and it should be published soon, please stay tuned.