Flashing several TX2 devices

I need to setup several TX2s running the same application(s) with different configurations.

My usual setup and flash process for each individual TX2s has been to:

  1. Download Jetpack 3.3 on host in a virtual machine to avoid corrupting my host's apt.
  2. Flash default rootfs to the Jetpack and boot it to confirm the flash.
  3. Apply a patch for the Auvidea J120 board by editing/replacing various files applying the changes with apply_binaries.sh on host.
  4. Flashing again with Jetpack - this time with all libraries like CUDA, OpenCV, etc.
  5. Rebuilding the kernel with ttyACM support according to this guide https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2017/07/31/build-kernel-ttyacm-module-nvidia-jetson-tx2/.
  6. Installing dependencies for my application on target.
  7. Installing and configuring the application on target.

I have managed to reduce the number of steps by using the same Jetpack environment to flash multiple devices using a clone of a fully setup device as described here https://elinux.org/Jetson/TX2_Cloning. This process does the job but requires a lot of manual interaction that is certainly not feasible for flashing several devices.

I am searching for a way to automate the process. Ideally, my goal is a script that I can run on the virtual host which handles everything but any pointers to how minor parts of it can be achieved is highly appreciated.

I am aware of the multi_tegra_flash.sh but my understanding of the flashing process is not sufficient to determine if that solves my problem.

hello mhe,

may I know how many devices you would like to flash?
please also refer to [Development Guide]-> Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices chapter for steps and scripts.

The flashing would be done as part of the assembly process at our hardware integrator so the batch size is at their discretion. My guess would be 10 devices.

Hi mhe,

Does the provide document help on your case? Any further suggestion required?


To some extent yes - but my experience with the flashing process and scripts are not yet enough to know what to define in the flash command file.