Flashing takes a very long time


I’m testing the flashing process, first couple runs went well and only took a few mins, but my last couple tries have been unsuccessful as it seems to crawl to a hang, for the past 2 hours it’s still on “Writing partition APP with system.img” and currently at 16%. I cancelled the previous run as it seemed to get stuck at 69%.

None of the L4T files have changed, except for boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf to remove ‘quiet’ so it boots properly!

Do you think the eMMC flash is somehow degraded?
Any ideas on what may be wrong?

I turned the Jetson off and let it cool for about 20 mins, the flashing process is now working as normal!

EMMC does not last forever. I wouldn’t recommend swapping off it. If you can, mount as much as you can on an NVMe SSD, including /tmp and swap.

thanks, my final goal is to get it to mount root from the nvme drive, just wanted to get familiar with the flashing process before any customisations.