Flashing the custom image on EMMC

i use jetson xavier NX module with EMMC

i setted my system and i want to copy all the env, file to the other module

what should i do?

i thought image write is the answer
so i will make a image but how can i flash the image to the emmc custom image?

You need a carrier board which supports recovery mode boot.
Then, you can access your Xavier NX module and flash your own image on it.

Custom image means kernel or whole rootfs image?

Thanks for reply

i already flash the jetpack on Xavier NX

i want to copy all the system from l4t, rootfs

i have dev.kit carrier board
so i can boot recovery mode
should i use any program?

Sorry I misunderstood.
I thought you want to flash not to clone;

did you try this posting?


can i ask more details?

If i have 2module
A module setted kernal and rootfs and all the things
B module is empty

i should command as below with A module??
but -K means Partition name or number specified in flash.xml or flash.cfg.
so how can i copy all from A module?

$ sudo ./flash.sh -r -k APP -G backup.img mmcblk0p1

After get the backup.img
just copy as below

$ sudo cp backup.img bootloader/system.img

should i command as below?
in my case i have to remove -r option i think
and -k option???

$ sudo ./flash.sh -r -k APP mmcblk0p1

Thanks for helping me!

$ sudo ./flash.sh -r -k APP -G backup.img <board-name> mmcblk0p1
instead of
$ sudo ./flash.sh -r -k APP -G backup.img mmcblk0p1

And to restore all of partitions,
$ sudo ./flash.sh -r <board> mmcblk0p1

Keep in mind,
bootloader folder of ‘bootloader/system.img’ is not Jetson but host PC.


but -k APP isn’t it meaning Partition?
-r is correct? my B module is empty module

what is the APP partition is it all the rootfs and kernel???

That’s true, APP does not backup whole eMMC and partitions.
According to this thread, it’s impossible to clone for the whole system.

do you mean
if i want to all the system clone

i do below step??

  1. flash using sdkmanger
  2. sudo ./flash.sh -r mmcblk0p1

SDKM is just a front end to flash software. The flash.sh script is itself what you would use to flash. If you’ve ever flashed via SDKM, then you will have this content in place thanks to SDKM downloading it. Location would be:

Whenever you run a command like this it flashes everything, but uses your image rather than generating a new/default image:
sudo ./flash.sh -r <board> mmcblk0p1

As soon as you start adding the other options the partitions being restored becomes limited. It is probably best to flash all using the above command since the surrounding partitions are fast to put in place (they are small) and guarantee that content is consistent with that release. Do know though that the clone you use was flashed by a given version of L4T (the part which is actually flashed by JetPack/SDKM/command line). The surrounding partition content may fail if the reused image is from a different release as those surrounding partitions. You can see the L4T version via “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”.

What is the correct name(<board-name>) for the xavier nx module?

Please check the quick start guide.