Flashing the NX or Nano Dev kits via USB

For the dev kits (NX or Nano). Is there any way to flash the system (it uses an SD card) via the available micro USB port?

I am asking because I already have the device in a case and once in it, I don’t have access to remove the SD without disassembling it. So I am wondering if someone has managed to flash the dev kits via the micro USB port.

The documentation and instructions seem to only talk about flashing the SD via balena etcher, however, this seems to involve physically removing the SD card.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi mau,

Yes, you can flash via micro USB port.
There are 2 methods:

  1. Using sdkmanager to flash image.
  2. Download driver packages and root file system to flash image by manually.

You can find the all files from Jetson Download Center.