Flashing through USB0

Dear Sir:
Can Jetson AGX Orin be flashed via USB0?

Yes. Please refer to the info in Design Guide as below:

USB Recovery mode provides an alternate boot device (USB). In this mode, the system is connected to a host system and boots over USB. This is used when a new image needs to be flashed, or for debug purposes. To enter USB recovery mode, the FORCE_RECOVERY_N pin is held low when the system is powered on. FORCE_RECOVERY_N is the SoC RCM0 strap. Recovery mode can operate in either USB 2.0 or USB 2.0 + USB 3.2 modes. Recovery mode using USB 2.0 is from interface USB0_N/P only. No other signals are required or supported for entering Force Recovery mode. Neither VBUS nor ID detection is needed. As long as the force recovery strap is held low coming out of reset, Jetson AGX Orin will configure USB0 as a device and enter recovery mode. For USB 3.2 recovery mode, the USB 3.2 port must be Port #1 on the UPHY_RX1/TX1 pins.

Dear Trumany:
Understood, thank you.

as discribe above, when flash through J40 USB typec, which usb works? USB0 or UPHY_RTX1?are their special design on usb2.0and usb3.0 driver?

We are checking internally, will update result once available.

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