Flashing to nvme, networking doesn't work

Successfully flashed a Jetson AGX Orin to an NVMe SSD and skipped the OEM config. The system boots up fine and I can access it via screen and a micro usb cable. However, I seem unable to ssh to it via Is there a setup I have to run on the jetson after flashing, but before being able to use the networking? I can’t seem to get internet via ethernet either - is that supposed to work?


Please use the serial console and share the dmesg.

Is there a good way to share it? I can’t scp from the serial console and I can’t scroll up and select all via screen.

Full boot and dmesg attached.
minicom.cap (88.1 KB)
dmesg.cap (73.1 KB)


Could you directly move to rel-35.3.1? Your release is not latest one.

Okay. Can I install from ubuntu 18.04?

Yes, it is okay.

Just to confirm, downloading from Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer gives me latest release, yes?

You can just use sdkmanager to download. It will make sure everything is correctly set.

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