Flashing TX2 fails after entering recovery via forced-recovery

when bringing the TX2 on our custom carrier board into force recovery mode from running system with:
sudo reboot --force forced-recovery
flashing the device fails at writing the APP image (from the log, partitioning and writing several other boot partitions succeeds).

When recovery mode is entered via key presses (recovery+reset) flashing the board works fine.

What is the difference in entering the recovery mode via both procedures?

Thank you


Does this only happen to your custom carrier board or also happen to devkit?

I am currently not able to test it on e devkit. That is why i try to understand what the difference could be.
The system version on the board is R32.2.1.

Hi GiantDwarf,

Are you able to follow below page and dump the log I need for your flash error?

Also, isn’t the command “sudo reboot forced-recovery” ?

Hello everyone,
i tested the setup on the Jetson board. The behavior is the same like in our design and flashing the partitions is getting interrupted.

I was able to find out what the problem is. The key point is my question:

What is the difference in entering the recovery mode via both procedures?

The difference is that in case of rebooting via the commandline the PMIC will not receive a reset. So when the watchdog is configured and activated (like we do in the uboot) it is still active after the board rebooted into recovery. As the flashing takes longer than the maximum retrigger value of 120 seconds, PMIC resets the hardware and the flash procedure is getting interrupted.