Flashing TX2 Module

Hi all,

We are willing to flash 16 TX2 Module.
What would be the more efficient ?

Do we have to use the dev kit for that ?
Or can we do that without it ?

Thank you!

Flash can only occur in recovery mode over USB (for the dev carrier board it is the micro-B/OTG connector) since the flash driver requires a custom USB device. I have not tried it out, but documentation for R28.1 shows it may be set up for multiple unit flash. See the “Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices” section of the R28.1 Documentation download.

Does your carrier board have the same micro-USB connector as the dev kit? You might have other options, but none would be as straight-forward as having that connector for recovery mode. Other options involve an alternate boot and dd…but I’ve not tested those other methods, I’m not sure how well a purely dd-based update would work (you’d have to experiment with both alternate boot methods and figuring out how to get the partitions from a working system for dd onto the target system).

I bet it would be possible to boot from sdcard, and dd a complete disk image onto the internal flash.
The main trick, to save time, would be to know which parts of the main disk file system to actually write, and which to skip (because it’s empty data.)
You could either use a bigger sdcard to fit the image, or dd from some network location.

One interesting way would be to NFS boot and run dd from NFS files. If the host server has lots of RAM, then caching would occur after the first read of read-only files and there would be quite a speed-up on the host side. I haven’t tried NFS boot on a Jetson though, not sure how difficult it would be without actually flashing/editing something different in the boot environment on the Jetson to start with (i.e., it could be NFS boot setup is more of a nuisance than any other benefit is worth).

On the other hand the SD card idea could use an SD card which is already set up to automate the dd (one could use netcat to feed the dd run on SD card, and SD card could be used without modification to a new module). I kind of like the SD card method if you have a real production environment.

thank you!
I will think about the SD card booting system.
That could be efficient if we just have some kind of ghost image & push it on every jetson SD Cards.

Thanks again guys.