Flashing TX2 without Micro USB


I have a Jetson TX2 board, however, the micro USB connector has fallen off and gotten lost. I am now trying to flash this board. Is it possible to flash to the new Jetpack 4.2 without the micro USB connector through another option or would we have to reconnect it/not be able to flash our board?

Thank you!

Recovery mode occurs only through the micro-USB. In theory, if you have a complete image of the entire eMMC, then after booting to an SD card you could overwrite mmcblk0 via dd with the new content. However, considering signing and other issues, this isn’t practical (I might be tempted if I had another Jetson of the same model flashed with the correct version and I’d dd copied a complete image from that). Do keep in mind that the moment you attempt a dd substitute for flash, that if that flash fails, the unit is gone and cannot be rescued.