Flashing using the SDKManager: stuck at "please complete system configuration setup"


I’m using the SDKManger to flash the Jetson Xavier with Jetpack 4.5 (or 4.5.1).

The host is a Ubuntu 18, and the Jetson is connected to a keyboard and a monitor.

After the Ubuntu configuration (language, keyboard, username/password, the “mode 15W desktop” setting) I see the progress bar for the configuration… and nothing happens. I think it’s Ubuntu’s login screen, but without the login fields.

If I go on the tty1 terminal I see “please complete system configuration setup on desktop to proceed”. If I go on te tty2 terminal, I can actually log in. I do not see anything special with dmesg.

On the host side, I cannot continue the procedure with SSH.

I cannot software-shutdown the Jetson cleanly since I cannot use sudo. After a hardware-restart I have to start all over again (language/keyboard/etc…), but this time it remembers my previous setting for the language and keyboard.

Note that it’s not my first flashing and don’t remember having any problem.

Does anyone knows what I can do to fix that?