Flashing with virtual machine

I have windows 7 and am running Ubuntu 14.04 on a virtual machine. Would flashing the jetson work with a VM? Could it cause problems?

VM can have issues. Your VM should have a native Linux file system under it, i.e., running on NTFS will cause failure (during flash all copied files, including device special files, symbolic links, all permissions, etc., must be 100% preserved…NTFS was not designed to support Linux file systems). Some people have reported VMs working, many had issues to resolve to get it to work (issues not existing on native Linux).

So basically I should just not even attempt this?

Enough people have had success with it that I can’t say don’t attempt it, but you will find less hassle from a native linux install. If your VM gives linux its own partition that can be formatted with a linux file system your odds go up greatly. If your only choice is to run linux with a native NTFS file system, I wouldn’t try. Either way you can always come back and ask more questions if there are issues.

It kind of sounds like youre trying to scare him away from using a VM.

Provided you use the correct VM software (VMWare Player or VirtualBox), there should be no issue. When you go through the setup wizard, it asks OS/hardware/etc, and if you select linux, it will default to ext4 (or 3, i dont recall), which is a native linux file system.

Anyway, I wouldnt attempt it, id do it.

–err. umm. accidentially posed twice. My bad.