Flashing Xavier NX to Jetpack 5.01

I wanted to try jetpack 5.01 on Xavier NX (devkit) and I was wondering why it is necessary to use SDK manager with (slow) usb cable. When I wanted to use old SD card with Jetpack 4.6 again I had to reflash it on another SD card. Is there a way to use both jetpack 5.01 and 4.6 simulataneously? (without slow flashing)

No, they can’t work simulataneously, please reflash it with SDK manager or using flash.sh script, all need to use USB cable.

I was hoping for more technical explanation why it isn’t possible. Why it is only Xavier NX and not other devkits?

The partition layout of jp5.0.1 and jp4.6 have lots of difference.

Also, jp5.0.1 bootloader changes from cboot to UEFI.

We didn’t test any cboot bootloader with jp5.0.1 kernel. Thus, we directly reply you this is not possible.

Also, there is actually no other devkit because the only platform which has sdcard image that can work on both jp4.x and jp5.x is NX.

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