flatsim virtualgamepad

I want to ask how I can control the virtual robot with a virtual gamepad I already configured the virtual gamepad in the JSON file but I want to know which configurations I need to do to control the robot manually

I attached a picture of what you should get in sight once you have all the configurations set up. You just have to click on connect to backend.

You should be able to start with all the parameters set to default (as in don’t change any). There is some sort of “safety” button when using a controller. I use an xbox controller and left all button parameters as default (you can see the parameters in the API component overview). So for me, I hold left bumper and my left joystick moves the robot up and down. My right joystick moves it left and right.

You can also use the keyboard (a, s, w, d).

If you are having any issues with it moving or not connecting on the backend, then let me know and I can share what my JSON looks like. For the most part I just followed the tutorial.

Screenshot from 2019-09-27 10-09-48.png

I have problem that i can’t control the robot on flatsim using virtual gamepad i need to know what modifications are needed to the graph and nodes to be able to control simulation robot in flatsim

Sorry, a little different than what I was doing then. Have you tried the kaya_sim demo? On that one, you just had to change the bridge file to the path where the .graph and .config files were located, which seems the case for all the sim demos. Then I was able to use the virtual game pad in this demo. I believe it is already set up. I would check the JSON files and compare to flatsim to see what needs configured. I’ll take a look and see if I can find anything as well and can let you know.

If you look at the build file for Kaya, there is a joystick app. This imports another JSON file that does all the configuration for the Kaya application in using the virtual game pad. The other JSON file is called holonomic_base_commander_subgraph and is in isaac/packages/navigation/apps.

If you add something similar to the build file, you may get the results you are looking for.