Fleet Command on Jetson

Could Fleet Command run on Jetson? Which Jetson version support Fleet Command? Is there any guide for us to implement? Thanks.

Hey, is there any news on that?

Jetsons only support specific releases of Ubuntu Linux. Xavier works with Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04. Orin works with Ubuntu 20.04. Older hardware, including the TX2 and Nano, works with Ubuntu 18.04. These are all 64-bit ARM architecture (abbreviated arm64 or aarch64). There is one really old Jetson (the first Jetson) called the TK1, which is 32-bit and armhf architecture (this is quite old, don’t bother with a TK1 for anything modern). The software would have to run on that.

You would have to ask the people who create or support the software:

  • Is there a version of the software for Ubuntu?
  • If so, which version of Ubuntu, e.g., 18.04 or 20.04?
  • If not, then it is incompatible.
  • If it passes that test, then does it work with 64-bit ARM? If it works on arm64/aarch64, then likely it works; if it works on armhf, then you would have a terrible time trying to make it work with 32-bit compatibility modes.
  • If all of the above pass, then likely it works. There is still one hurdle though if it directly uses GPU computation (this isn’t asking if it has graphics, it is asking if it directly talks to the GPU via something like CUDA for AI): If it does this, and if it depends on a PCI-based GPU (a discrete GPU), then it won’t work (this is because a Jetson has a GPU directly integrated with the memory controller, and applications which depend on PCI query functions to find the GPU won’t be able to locate the GPU).

Hey thanks for answering
The Fleet command is created by Nvidia. This is the reason for posting here

Hmm, I’ve not heard of it before. It does make me wonder if it is Jetson compatible (or just cloud with PCs). The demo video I saw did not show any Jetson, though I did see Clara and some others which run on a PC (Clara has PCIe cards). Found this, but doesn’t really answer the question:

It does make me curious if there is a Jetson version.

Hi @alon2 ,

This is a question for our engineers. Please post in one of the Jetson forums. The Jetson Projects category is not typically monitored by the support staff.


I opened Fleet command , A/B Partition and OTA
can you escalate it with your engineers ?

Hi @alon2

Our engineers are aware of your post. Please watch the forums for a response.


This has been answered here: Fleet command , A/B Partition and OTA - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Orin NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums