Flex - color FlexDrawFluid.

Hello. If anyone can, please tell me.
The problem is that it is necessary to change the color of the liquid, but that it remains transparent. FlexFluidDraw does not change the default light, if you create a component of the Participant System in Unity, set Material and Trial Material FlexFluidDraw, then in the created Participant System Controller it is more normal to set only the shader FlexFluidDraw2, then in principle the color changes liquid, but it is no longer transparent. And what is bad - the downloaded material changes. In principle, all this can be accepted, as it is not for me to play - I want to make a complex aerodynamic sample for a radio-controlled model before I do not waste time on samples and mistakes - to watch it in a particle simulator. This sample is complex - three axes of vortices, I decided to look at it in Flex, at least approximately, and that will be the case.
So I will be able to switch visualizations of different game actors with different liquids interacting with each other, but it would be interesting to see transparent liquid at once three different colors. More precisely these are three different liquids, they will have different gravity and so on, but I want to see them at once three, there will be no strong mixing of liquids, I will need to see only the relief of their surface. Switching visualization is also an option, but not the best is at least limited.

Sorry, downloaded all updates - everything works:
Liquid is coloured and transparent. But there are still problems. Probably from the ignorance of the editor - I cannot make different colors of liquid that would interact with each other - I make a second actor, a container, otherwise another color liquid not to create, an array, and everything - they are not an obstacle to each other, do not interact.
In general, my problem is somehow solved, I already understood it, but I don 't know how it is done, apparently it is necessary to read more.