Flex Rigid Bodies with complex objects

I tried replacing some of the sample scene objects with the more complex “Armadillo.ply” object and the simulations run incredibly slow. I noticed it was most likely because they were using skinning to map the voxel particles back to the original mesh. For a truly rigid body ( yet movable and non static ), is there a way to simply get the world matrix for a rigid group of particle instead so that we don’t have to use skinning?

I guess one could take 3 of the vertices and recompute a new matrix relative to where the vertices were originally and use that to render the mesh.

Looks like flexGetRigidTransforms may be what I’m looking for and the use of shapes like in the “Rigid Debris” sample.

Still not sure why sample scenes like Rigid2 would need to do skinning if they have the rigid parameter set to true when calling CreateParticleShape.