[Flexera LS] HTTP response code said error (503)

Hi there,

We have tried to install Tomcat and License Server software on a local bare metal. It works for pbrun germline.

But it fails on an Azure VM using the same installation way. The error message is below:

[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:08:13] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:08:13] ||                 Parabricks accelerated Genomics Pipeline                 ||
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:08:13] ||                          Version 3.8.0-1.ampere                          ||
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:08:13] ||                       GPU-BWA mem, Sorting Phase-I                       ||
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:08:13] ||                  Contact: Parabricks-Support@nvidia.com                  ||
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:08:13] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[PB Warning 2022-Jul-29 18:08:14][FlexeraClient.cpp:606] Error: failed server communication: err 0x74000008 sys 0x1f7: [1,7df,3,0[74000008,1f7,110001d0]] Generic communications error.
[1,7df,3,0[75000005,503,300101ab]] An HTTP error was returned from the server. HTTP response code said error (503) 
For technical support visit https://docs.nvidia.com/clara/parabricks/3.8.0/index.html#how-to-get-help
[PB Warning 2022-Jul-29 18:08:16][FlexeraClient.cpp:606] Error: failed server communication: err 0x74000008 sys 0x1f7: [1,7df,3,0[74000008,1f7,110001d0]] Generic communications error.
[1,7df,3,0[75000005,503,300101ab]] An HTTP error was returned from the server. HTTP response code said error (503) 

Could not run fq2bam as part of germline pipeline
Exiting pbrun ...
Fri Jul 29 18:08:16 CST 2022
end_time: 1659089296

But it works for pbrun licenseinfo

# pbrun licenseinfo
Please visit https://docs.nvidia.com/clara/#parabricks for detailed documentation

sh: 1: /parabricks/resources/scrapeFlexeraUsagePage.py: not found
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] License Information
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] License type:            Flexera <---
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Server connected:        No
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] BWA                      https://github.com/lh3/bwa/blob/Apache2/LICENSE.txt
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] GATK                     https://github.com/broadinstitute/gatk/blob/master/LICENSE.TXT
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Deepvariant              https://github.com/google/deepvariant/blob/r1.3/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] HTSLIB                   https://github.com/samtools/htslib/blob/develop/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Samtools                 https://github.com/samtools/samtools/blob/develop/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] BCFtools                 https://github.com/samtools/bcftools/blob/develop/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] CNVKIT                   https://github.com/etal/cnvkit/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] SomaticSniper            https://github.com/genome/somatic-sniper/blob/v1.0.5.0/README.md
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Star                     https://github.com/alexdobin/STAR/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Star-fusion              https://github.com/STAR-Fusion/STAR-Fusion/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Tcmalloc                 https://github.com/google/tcmalloc/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Glnexus                  https://github.com/dnanexus-rnd/GLnexus/blob/main/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Strelka                  https://github.com/Illumina/strelka/blob/v2.9.x/LICENSE.txt
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Manta                    https://github.com/Illumina/manta/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Smoove                   https://github.com/brentp/smoove/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Muse                     https://github.com/danielfan/MuSE/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] ISA-L                    https://github.com/intel/isa-l/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] VCFAnno                  https://github.com/brentp/vcfanno/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Lofreq                   https://github.com/CSB5/lofreq/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Kallisto                 https://pachterlab.github.io/kallisto/download.html
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] ExpansionHunter          https://github.com/Illumina/ExpansionHunter/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] Arriba                   https://github.com/suhrig/arriba/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] fgbio                    https://github.com/fulcrumgenomics/fgbio/blob/master/LICENSE
[PB Info 2022-Jul-29 18:24:22] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Could you help to check what is causing it?



Tomcat Server

Flexera LS

Azure VM / Networking




Flexera software, Flexera License Server, Flexera LS, http error, 50

As an Enterprise customer, you’re entitled to Enterprise Support. Please file an Enterprise Support case so that we can assist with this issue.

That being said, your config.txt is pointing to a different IP address than your screenshot of the web sever. The flexera server needs to be accessible from the node you’re trying to call it from. Make sure you can ping that server and make sure the IP address matches.

Sorry, I pasted the wrong image for config.txt (this was for the bare metal).

Are there any possible causes for HTTP response code said error (503)?

We could not ping that server, and we will check the networking status. Thank you.

We use Parabricks setup on twcc.ai to connect the Azure VM. It works.

The root case is caused by our company’s policy.

<h1>Application Blocked</h1>
<p>Access to the application you were trying to use has been blocked in accordance with company policy. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this is in error.</p>
<p><b>User:</b> </p>
<p><b>Application:</b> web-browsing </p>

We also found that ping does not work for Azure VMs because the ICMP protocol is not permitted through the Azure load balancer. (See VMs not able to ping in the internet but able to browse websites.)

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