flexlm provide access control?

i would like to control the license service that can only be access within our Inst., is there any options/config file provided by flexlm that dealing with this?

Thanks in advance.


The ideal solution is that your site’s firewall blocks accesses to port 7496,
or whatever port you have specified on the SERVER line in your license file.

If that is not an option, then you should be able to control what hosts can
access the license daemon by using the HOST_GROUP keyword in the
license options file.

Use of this keyword is best described in the FLEXlm Enduser Guide, which is
available at


If you can’t get this to work to your satisfaction, then you should send
mail to Technical Support at trs@pgroup.com.

thanks a lot, host_group combine with selectall tag does help controling the access of license server to specific group and address. I assume it’s the same as other package, say matlab, that adopte using flex license manager program. :-)